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      Bed Type Horizontal Milling Machine VT series: VT550

      VT550 PC/CNC

      X1100 / Y520 / Z600
      • Integrated automatic lubricating system
      • Equipped with Cooling system
      • Each travel axis is equipped with limit switches to ensure safety.
      • Slide surface lies been treated with hardening, the rigid construction to ensure machine an stable performance.
      • The X, Y axis slideways coated with low-friction property material TURCITE-B
      • Standard electrical and electronic components are adopted. Electrical and electronic circuits are properly concealed.
      • Controls are integrated on a panel, enhancing simple and easy operation thus avoiding fatigue and increase working efficiency.
      • Consolidated rigid cast-iron design treated annealing process providing high precision and reliable operation.
      • Low table height convenient for work piece handling.
      • Can be fitted with a rotary table for easy and time saving 5-side machining.
      Model VT550 PC/CNC
      Table Table size 1500 X 450
      X/Y/Z axes travel 1100 X 520 X 600
      T-slot(size X number X distance) 18 X 5 X 80
      3 axes rapid feed rate 25~1500(30~6000 PC-Based)
      3 axes cutting feede rate 1500(30~6000 PC-Based)
      Cutting Range Reference Cutting length 1100
      Cutting width 520
      Cutting height 600
      Loading weight 1000
      Vertical Spindle Spindle speed(60HZ) 75-3600 rpm 16 Steps(ST)
      80-3800 rpm Variable(OP)
      Spindle taper NT40
      Spindle nose to table surface distance 100-700
      Spindle center to slide way surface distance 550
      Quill federate 0.035/0.07/0.14
      Turret head swivel angle 45o
      Quill travel 140
      Motor Spindle motor 5HP Pole change motor
      X axis feeding motor 1HP X 4P X 2HP
      Y axis feeding motor 1HP X 4P X 2HP
      Z axis feeding motor 1HP X 4P X 2HP
      Dimensions Net weight 3400 kg
      Gross weight 4100 kg(40”HQ)
      Floor plan(L X W X H) 3500 X 3100 X 2620

      All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

      Bed Type Milling CNC/PC-Based
      Standard Accessories:

      1. Syntec PC-based controller
      2. 3 axes ball screw
      3. Coolant tray&chip guard
      4. Vertical air power draw bar
      5. Horizontal air power draw bar
      6. Auto lubrication system
      7. Cooling system
      8. Telescopic cover
      9. Leveling pad
      10. Leveling screws
      11. Working condition light
      12. RS232 interface
      13. Transformer(Export only)

      Bed Type Milling CNC/PC-Based
      Optional Accessories:

      1. Mitsubishi or Fanuc controller
      2. Magnetic chuck
      3. 4th axis rotary table(Manual)
      4. Half cover for work table
      5. 3 axes D.R.O(Fagor brand)
      6. CE Norm
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