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      Slant Bed CNC Lathes: MC8500H


      • All structured parts are made of high quality Meehanite cast iron , tempered and stress relieved to ensure no deformation for years.
      • 45° Slant bed features maximum stability and efficient chip disposal.
      • Strengthen the inner base structure.
      • Generating twice the trque output of standard motors, the A/C, constant output, wide-range Fanuc ?iIP22 high-torque i series motor is rated at 15kw (30min). This double bind motor is designed to reach full output at 1/2 the RPM of standard motors , providing the ability to take heavier cuts in the lower RPM ranges.
      • The spindle is supported by P4 class precision anglar ball bearings with superior radial and axial capacity.
      • The spindle speed can reach 6,000RPM and is suitable for various machining applications.
      • All of the machines use a pressurized central lubrication system an alumium tubing. The PLC controlled system allows all axes to be lubricated evenly to maintain accuracy and prolong machine life.
      • High speed ballscrew: We adopt C3 Class high pression double nut pre-loaded ballscrews.
      • High reigidity linear guide: X-axis installed with ball-type and Z-axis installed with disk-roller type, can provide heavy load, high-speed high positioning accuracy.
      • The wide interior offers the best environment of turning and the effect of chip removal. The rails of X/Z-axis Are protected by three pieces of telescopic shield. We also use enhanced glass on the work-door to make sure the user’s safety.
      Model MC8500H
      Capacity Swing Over Bed ?470 mm
      Swing Over Saddle ?360 mm
      Span (X-axis Rail) 184 mm
      Span (Z-axis Rail) 328 mm
      Standard Turning Diameter ?210 mm
      Max. Turning Length 462 mm
      Center Distance 590 mm
      Spindle Spindle Nose A2-6 ASA
      Chuck Size 8 inch
      Spindle Bore ?62 mm
      Max. Spindle Speed 4200 RPM
      Spindle Motor Power) 15(20) KW(HP)
      Spindle Motor Max. Torsion 53 Nm
      Spindle Motor Max. Turning 1000 RPM
      Bar Capacity ?52(?66) mm
      Axis Feeds Feed Motor-X/Z-axis 1.8 KW
      Z-axis Travel 500 mm
      X-axis Travel 140+25 mm
      Rapid Feed-Z/X-axis 24 M/min
      Turret No. of Tools 8/10 T
      Tool Shank Size 20x20/25x25 mm
      Boring Tool Size ?32/ ?40 mm
      Tailstock Tailstock Travel 500 mm
      Quill Stroke 80 mm
      Quill Diameter ?70 mm
      Quill Taper 4 MT
      Quill Drive Hydraulic
      Tailstock Positioning Manual
      Coolant Tank Capacity 330 Liter
      Dimensions(L x W x H , included Conveyor) 3.72x1.65x2.19 M

      All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

      Standard Accessories:

      1. 8”Hydraulic Chuck
      2. Hydraulic Turret
      3. Shank Fixed Blocks
      4. Boring Tool Holder
      5. Facing Holder
      6. Boring Bar Sleeve(Set)
      7. Coolant System
      8. Automatic Lubrication System
      9. Chip Conveyor and Chip Cart
      10. Leveling Bolts and Blocks
      11. Movable Coolant Tank
      12. Working Lamp
      13. Three-Color Warning Light
      14. Tool Box
      15. Operation Manual

      Optional Accessories:

      1. Automatic Tool Measuring Device
      2. Grease Lubrication System
      3. Oil Skimmer
      4. Oil Mist Collector
      5. Parts Cather
      6. Pneumatic Automatic Door
      7. Foot Switch for Tailstock Control
      8. Transformer
      9. Air Blast for Parts
      10. High Pressure Cooling System
      11. Programmable Quill of Tailstock
      12. CE Safety Accessories
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