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      Vertical Machining Center LV series: LV80


      (BT40) X800 / Y500 / Z500
      • Three axes ball screws have adapted direct transmission design, which clears the noise during transmission, cutting down temperature, stabling accuracy and also increases machining rigidity.
      • The ATC system and all machine functions have been thoroughly tested.
      • LASER Check, Ball test and Spindle Dynamic Balance are performed to ensure the optimum static and dynamic accuracy.
      Model LV80
      WorK Table 950 X 500 mm
      T-slot(sige X number) 80 X 18 mm X 5T
      Max. Loading 500kg
      Three Axes Travel 800 X 500 X 500mm
      Spindle Nose to Worktable Surface 125~625mm
      Spindle Center to Column Slide Ways 550mm
      Spindle Taper BT40
      Spindle Diameter Φ70 mm
      Spindle Speed 10000rpm(Belt)
      3 axes Slide Way Linear Way
      3 axes Cutting Feedrate 10 /10 /10 m/min
      3 axes Rapid Feedrate 36 /36 /36 m/min
      Tool Magazine type Armless type20 T
      Tool Selection Bi-direction shortest path
      Max. Tool Diameter X Length Φ100 X 250 mm
      Max. Tool Weight 7KG
      Tool Shank BT-40
      Spindle Motor(cont./30 min.) 7.5/11KW
      X/Y/Z axis Servomotor 2.2/2.2/2.0 Kw
      X/Y/Z axis Ball Screw Φ36 X Pitch12
      Coolant Pump 660W
      External Dimension(L X W X H)(Approx) 2180 X 2957 X 2632 mm
      Net Weight/ Gross weight (Approx) 4500kg/5000kg
      Splash Guard Full Splash Guard
      Shipment Require 40”HQ(4 sets)
      Coolant Tank Capacity 260L

      All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

      Standard Accessories:

      1. Spindle air blow system
      2. Automatic lubrication system
      3. Mitsubishi M80 controller(8.4” LCD display)
      4. 20 tools Armless type ATC ,BT40(LV80,LV100)
      5. 24 tools Arm type ATC,BT40/BT50(LV1400-2000)
      6. Screw Steelbelt type chip conveyor with cart(LV80~LV100)
      7. Steelbelt(Chain)type chip conveyor with cart(LV1400-2000)
      8. Spindle speed 6000 rpm,BT50,Belt drive(LV1400-2000)
      9. Spindle speed 8000 rpm,BT40,belt drive(LV1400-2000)
      10. Spindle speed 10,000 rpm,BT40,belt drive(LV60-100)
      11. Ragid tapping
      12. Auto power off
      13. Coolant system
      14. Heat exchanger
      15. RS 232 interface
      16. Spindle oil cooler
      17. Fully splash cover
      18. M code air blasting
      19. Tool box with tools
      20. Quartz working light
      21. Water gun and air gun
      22. Leveing kits and blocks
      23. Transformer(Export noly)

      Optional Accessories:

      1. CTS 20/30/50 bar(coolant throught spindle)
      2. 24 tools arm type ATC,BT40(LV80,LV100)
      3. 32 tools chain type ATC,BT50(LV1400-2000)
      4. Renishaw automatic tool length measuring device
      5. Renishaw automatic work piece measuring device
      6. Steelbelt(Chain)type chip conveyor with cart(LV80,LV100)
      7. 4th axis preparation(IO connect only,not include motor&drive)
      8. Spindle speed 8000 rpm,BT50,Direct drive(LV1400-2000)
      9. Spindle speed 12,000~15,000 rpm,BT40,Direct drive(LV60~LV100)
      10. Spindle speed 4500~6000 rpm BT50,Powerful Gear Head(LV1400-2000)
      11. Spindle speed 10,000/12,000/15,000 rpm,BT40,Direct drive(LV1400-2000)
      12. CNC 4th axis Rotary table with drive,motor
      13. Fanuc/Siemens/Heidenhain controller
      14. Machine half cover(LV1400-2000)
      15. Air conditioner for electric cabinet
      16. Heidenhain linear scale
      17. Chip flushing system
      18. 10.4” LCD dispaly
      19. Oil skimmer
      20. CE Standrad
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