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      Horizontal Machining Center BMH series BMH2200


      (BT50) X1530 / Y1250 / Z1250
      • The gear-type spindle is transmitted by a gearbox with high / low speed change, featuring greater torque output for heavy duty machining.
      • Massive base weighs 9 tons combined with extra wide 6 box ways ( span between ways up to 2,800 mm ) providing solid support for the entire machine. 27-ton total machine weight features unmatched structural rigidity.
      • Big table surface measures 2,400 (L) X 1,000(W) (2200) and 2,700(L) X 1,000 (W) (2500) mm permitting maximum load up to 3,500 kgs, making the machine ideal for medium and large mold machining. (L X W:2,200 mm X 1,000 mm)
      • Extra large Y-axis(1,250 mm) design provides increased working capacity.
      • Comprehensive Chip Removal System: Two chip augers are provided at the right and left side of the machine combined with powerful flushing device and screw-type or link chain-type ( optional ) chip conveyor at front of the machine. All these ensure that the machine is clean at all times.
      Model BMH2200
      Work Table 2400 X 1000 mm
      T-slot 22 X 160 X 6
      Max. Loading 3500kg
      X/Y/Z 3 axes travel 2200 X 1250 X 1250mm
      Spindle nose to work table center 200~1450mm
      Spindle center to work table surface 250~1500mm
      Method of spindle Gear Head(Hi-Low 2 speed)
      Spindle Taper BT50
      Spindle Diameter 100 mm
      Spindle Speed 6000 rpm
      (Gear head - high and low gear)
      3 axes Slide Way X、Z(Box Way)
      Y(Linear Way)
      3 axes Cutting Feed rate 6 m/min
      3 axes Rapid Feed rate 12(X),10(Y0,Z) m/min
      ATC 凸輪
      Tool Selection ARM Type
      Max. Tool Diameter X Length Φ105 X 400 mm
      Max. Tool Weight 15KG
      Tool Shank BT-50
      Tool magazine capacity 24T
      Spindle Motor(con./30 min.) 18.5/22 KW
      X/Y/Z axis motor 9/9/9 KW
      X/Y/Z axis Ball Screw Φ50mm X Pitch 12/Φ63mm X Pitch 12/Φ63mm X Pitch12(X/Y/Z)
      Coolant tank capacity 660W
      External Dimension(L X W X H)(Approx) 6100 X 5982 X 4011 mm
      Net Weight/ Gross weight (Approx) 27000kg/30000kg
      Splash Guard Half splash cover
      Coolant Tank Capacity 40”FR+40”HQ
      Shipment Require 1000L

      All specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice.

      Standard Accessories:

      1. FANUC Oi MF controller+8.4”LCD
      2. Gear Head Spindle
      3. Spindle speed 6,000 rpm, Gear Head
      4. Spindle oil cooler
      5. Spindle curtain coolant
      6. Coolant system
      7. Auto power off
      8. Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
      9. Auto lubrication system
      10. ATC: 24T arm typ
      11. Rigid tapping
      12. Half cover
      13. M code air blasting
      14. Oil skimmer
      15. Double screw type chip conveyor with cart
      16. Quartz working light
      17. Tool box with tools
      18. Transformer(Export only)

      Optional Accessories:

      1. M800/Fanuc-31iMB/Heidenhain/Siemens
      2. 10.4” LCD display
      3. CTS 20/50/70 BAR
      4. Chain type 32T
      5. Direct drive spindle 8,000/10,000 rpm(BT50)
      6. 3 axis linear scale
      7. Work piece and tool length measuring device
      8. Air conditioner for electric cabinet
      9. Full splash cover
      10. 5th axis preparation
      11. CE Standard
      12. Chain type chip conveyor with cart
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